Bambando is Ivanoa and Raúl. We are extroverts, lovers of culture, and small details. We would like to be your hosts and live together experiences.

Because we like to stroll with you, we like to wander through the city; We invite you to discover and enjoy our landscapes. We want you to meet the people of our land, our culture and festivals. We are passionate about tasting our gastronomy with you.

We are Official Guides and we invite you to join us in each of our activities.  We want you to come as a family, having fun with the little ones, with cultural activities or making a trip back in time through the most historic monuments.

Let us be your hosts and live a different experience with Bambando. You can come on your own, with your partner, with your family or in a group. Tell us where do you want to go today. Get in touch with us at

We want to rediscover our land with you, would you join us?